Сообщения за Декабрь, 2017


The first stories about local dwarfs are associated with the Indian Ottawa tribe, who lived in the area that later became the territory of Michigan, and later the city of Detroit. These little creatures in French were called Nain Rouge ("Red dwarf"). They were mischievous, but at the same time respected spirits of nature and defenders of the earth.

When in this area came the first French settlers, they tied these red dwarfs with French folklore creature named Liuting (Luyten), analogue of brownies or goblins. With the development of society, the American image of dwarfs-lutines underwent changes, becoming an evil force and forerunners of misfortunes.
Those who met with red dwarfs described them as little men the size of a small child, with red wrinkled faces and burning eyes. Their teeth were yellow and rotten, and they were dressed in rags, caps and fur boots. Sometimes they were described as creatures without clothes, but completely covered with thick hair.
It would seem that…