February 22, 1803 in the province of Khitati, fishermen found a very strange shape at the shore, they thought it was just some foreign boat.

Since the "foreign boat" did not give signs of life, the fishermen dragged it ashore and began to look with curiosity. The mysterious vessel was about ten meters in length, five in width, and three and a half in height. The shape of the ship struck the imagination, very similar to the Japanese censer - kohako, because of which the Japanese gave it the name Utsuro-bune. 


The material from which the boat was made was somewhat puzzling. For example, its top was made of something unusual, outwardly similar to a rosewood tree, covered with dark varnish. The lower part of the vessel was made of metal round plates resembling copper, probably from underwater stones. At the top of the object there were several windows made of glass or some kind of crystals that were covered with something resembling wood tar. Nevertheless, they were fairly transparent, so that the fishermen could look inside. The inner part of Utsuro-buna was decorated with inscriptions in an unfamiliar language.

Then the fishermen entered the cabin and found there two sheets, a bottle of water (about 3.6 liters), a few cupcakes and a meat pâté. And then the fishermen saw the owner of the ship - a beautiful girl of 18 or 20 years old. The girl had red hair and eyebrows, and her hair was artificially lengthened with some white threads.

 The clothes on it were long, from a very beautiful material, which the fishermen had never seen before. The girl smiled affably and tried to say something, but the language was unfamiliar, so there was nothing to find out. The girl kept pressing to herself a small box, which no one was allowed to touch.
After all, the fishermen sent the stranger back to the sea and do their own thing.

In the Japanese chronicles of "Hyouryuukishuu" there are many images of the object and the woman. There are three different stories written about this case (1825, 1835 and 1844 years), the details of which vary slightly.


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