Eyewitneses says they had contact with "michelin man" a like aliens

Michelin; full name: SCA Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin) is a French  tire manufacturer based in Clermont-Ferrand  in the Auvergne region of France. It is one of the four largest tire manufacturers in the world along with Goodyear, Continental and Brigestone.  Was founded In 1889  by two brothers, Édouard Michelin and André Michelin,  as a ran a rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand, France. 

famous symbol of Michelin  have  a name Bibendum

This type of extraterrestrial beings is a humanoid creatures ringed exaggerated costumes, which witnesses compared with Bibendum, the mascot of the French manufacturer "Michelin" tires associated with several incidents with UFOs, are still poorly understood and  mysterious. A massive appearance of which was observed in remote places in Spain, Argentina and the United States in the 70s of last century.

Researcher J. Cresson received a certificate from a resident of the French city  Dinan named Droguet, who one evening in May 1955 returned home from the cinema and was struck by a ray of blue-green light emanating from a strange object floating above the ground.

Near the object were two more creatures, dressed in voluminous metal jumpsuits, "similar to the" Michelin ". On their heads were large helmets, and both figures in gloves were occupied, as it seemed to the eyewitness, by the collection of soil samples.

One of the creatures stopped, peered into the "porthole" of the nearby ship, and he realized that inside there are the same inhabitants. He said that at that time he felt a state familiar to many eyewitnesses of close contacts of the third degree.

Close contacts of the first degree (CE I). These are situations where UFOs. Is observed at a slight distance, but the object does not interact with observers or the environment. Such facilities could produce a great impression on eyewitnesses (for example, making amazing for maneuvers), but did not leave any traces of their presence land, or elsewhere, and also did not enter into any interactions with Observers.

Close contacts of the second degree (II). UFO leaves after itself any traces of their stay (burned grass on the alleged place of landing, disruptions in the operation of electrical equipment, etc.).
Close contacts of the second kind can sometimes be accompanied by frightened behavior of domestic animals, morbid manifestations in humans, temporary stopping automobile engines near a UFO.

Close contacts of the third kind (III). This is the most famous category UFO sightings. This category includes those incidents in which participate "moving" creatures (meaning live ufonauts, however, this includes "moving" robots and other lifeless creations). This category includes a variety of descriptions of creatures whose appearance in front of people in one way or another connected with UFOs, and prevail here stories about meetings with humanoids and  not humanoid.

Contacts of the 4th degree (IV) - cases of abductions, when the earthlings allegedly are taken by aliens to spacecraft and are subjected there "Medical examinations". Usually such memories are "extracted" from memory of people in a state of hypnosis, and here it is necessary to pay attention to contradictory nature of this method, the results of which can interpreted ambiguously (for example, there is an opinion that "memories" in a state of hypnosis are fantasies on the ground of insults, tested in childhood). The probability of hoaxes is very high, and because stories about contacts of the 4th kind also require a very cautious attitude towards themselves relations.

He wanted to escape from there, but an unknown force kept him in one place, and he realized that the humanoids knew about his presence. He then thought that they could even pick up one or two people instead of collecting soil samples.

His fears were dispelled when the "Michelin people" returned to their ship and cautiously climbed up the stairs. The man was intrigued by the movements of these, probably space visitors, who reminded him of the behavior of divers at the bottom of the ocean, and their "boots" with metal rings. The ship began to rotate with great speed and slowly rose into the air. Only then did Monsieur Trichet move, as if freed from invisible power.

Gripped with horror, he closed himself in his house and for a long time could not come to himself. The man was silent about this event for fifteen years and spoke about it only when the authorities asked him to do it. An article about this case was published in 1970 in the June issue of the prestigious French edition of Lumieres dans la Nuit.

 In the summer of 1960, Miguel Timermans, a school teacher from Prado del Rey in southern Spain, went for a weekend on his Lambretta motorcycle to the city of Jerez.

It was a bright morning. When he climbed the hill between Prado del Rey and the city of Arcos, suddenly a colossal figure appeared on the roadside, dressed in a "swollen" red overall. The giant creature moved slowly toward him along the edge of the highway. Teacher got a strong feel  of fear, that he threw his motorcycle right in the middle of the highway.

Timermans noted that the costume of the creature consisted of "concentric rings", which also reminded him of the "Michelin" person. This figure swung forward, took a few steps. And then the teacher saw that behind the giant there was a second creature a little over a meter tall, in exactly the same suit, but one of his legs embraced something resembling a glossy black "boot." He moved very awkwardly, as if he was limping.

Mysterious figures crossed Timerman's path diagonally and disappeared after 30 seconds. Picking up his motorcycle, the teacher went to the place where he saw the creatures for the last time, but did not find any traces. This amazing case was published in the journal "Stendek".

Brazil, August 30, 1962 in the community of Itabirito. Three friends left the local cinema around midnight, and when they reached the corner of the street, their lively conversation was interrupted by a sharp whistling sound. They looked up and saw in the night sky an object hovering about 30 meters above the eucalyptus grove, which was 50 meters away from them.

According to Luis Gonzaga, one of three friends, they were sent to a small creature, which has a strong resemblance to "a figure from the tire factory" Michelin ". Eyewitnesses saw a fat figure with a big head, short arms and legs, dressed in a suit made from a material resembling thin skin, rhythmically paced to them.

Two young men fled with screams of horror, and only Luis Gonzaga remained on the corner, who could not move. A minute later this state passed, while the stocky fat man disappeared, and the object in the sky became so bright that it lit up the entire district. The light from the UFO diminished, and Gonzaga again managed to move. After this incident, the eyewitness suffered from headaches all month.

Madagascar. In 1968, a farmer collecting grass for his animals, faced a brilliant oval object with a transparent windshield, "similar to the Peugeot 404 windshield. Inside the object, the farmer saw two small figures, "dressed in costumes, as in the advertisement" Michelin ".

Realizing that they were being watched, the figures decided to retire, and the farmer was blinded by a white flash of light with a rush of heated air. The oval UFO just disappeared, it did not take off to the sky to distant stars, but simply disappeared. The farmer, a person with an impeccable reputation, did not hesitate to tell his story to the local police, who immediately left for the site and found traces of radiation on the ground and, more worrisome, on the farmer's clothes.

March 14, 1976 in the province of Castellón in eastern Spain. Vicente Corell and his wife Carmen were returning from the CIR-7 recruiting station, where they accompanied their son to serve in the marines, on small roads to his hometown of Almenara.

About 10:00 in the evening the pair faced a strange phenomenon - in the night sky to the left of their "Renault 4L" appeared a brilliant white oval object.

Believing that these are the headlights of a car on a nearby hill, they continued to move along the road, but did not manage to drive several tens of meters, as something strange began to happen. Alarmed spouses in the light of their car headlights saw a "glowing tornado" rising above the ground and were amazed when they saw that it was a man.

Vicente Corell told a Spanish researcher Juan Jose Benitez, who was investigating this case - "he had two legs because he reminded me of a human figure. But the legs were located close to each other ,. He was tall, good looking and dressed in one-piece jumpsuit ... "

The creature stood on the ground, and looked directly toward the car. The initial interest of the couple was replaced by fear, as the headlights of their Renault suddenly went out, leaving them in pitch darkness. The smell of burning wires soon filled the passenger compartment, and Corell was forced to stop. When all this happened, the object disappeared in the dark. The electric system of the car is burnt.

Carmen Corell much better remembered all that is happening than her husband, and added an interesting detail: the costume on a tall figure was made of "narrow and slightly inflated strips" from the neck to the waist. She compared the object with Bibendum, the world famous symbol of Michelin.

Inflated figures in jumpsuits seen in the North American state of Kansas in 1976 and Argentina in 1972. The last case associated with them became the most famous due to the fact that his hero Ventura Museiras, a seventy-year-old night watchman from Argentina, very quickly grew new teeth and even increased the level of intelligence.


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