June, a terribly mutilated body of sheep was found on the field in New Zealand. On June 7, the police, summoned to the fields of the Patea golf club, found the bodies of animals torn apart and everything was covered with blood and torn internals. The worst thing is that all the sheep were pregnant. In total, 6 adult sheep and 13 bodies of lambs were found. Their death was excruciating, first the animals cut their throats, then left to bleed, after which they cut off their limbs and gutted them. The owner of the sheep, the farmer Bevan Dobson, said that he was not accustomed to attacks by poachers, but this case looks much more ominous than he had to see. 

Sergeant Kayl Devi said that whoever did this is a person with abnormal behavior. At first the animals cut their throats and they went for a long time until they were bleeding, and then, when they were still alive, they cut off their legs, cut their bellies and took out the bodies of lambs and guts. For what? The sheep were not taken with them, their mutilated bodies were left in the same place where they died. 

The researchers of anomalous phenomenon immediately recall the many mysterious cases of cattle mutilations (mainly cows). Usually they are attributed to aliens who conduct their strange experiments on animals, making surgically accurate incisions. The case of New Zealand sheep is well suited to this phenomenon, especially since killers of animals have not yet been found. 

India, on June 28, 150 dead sheep were found in the countryside of the state of Odishi in the village of Naili. Their death looked so unnatural, that rumors about the attacks of aliens, demons or the bloodsucker of the Chupacabra immediately spread. Officially it was stated that wolves attacked the sheep, but before that it never happened that wolves killed so many animals at once. Not far from the scene, a strange hole in the ground was discovered, but there was no animal in it. Then, reports were received that only the liver was eaten (removed) by the sheep and that a certain creature attacked even the people, but these reports were found unconfirmed.

In July, two hundred sheep carried out a massive "suicide" on the border of France and Spain, jumping off the rocks and crashing. Presumably they were frightened of the bear, since small patches of bear fur were found on the scene. The last bear in this area was killed in 2004, but in recent years, there is a program to revive the bear population and in this region there are about 30 predators. By the way the year before, in the French Pyrenees, 130 sheep were killed under similar circumstances. Then their death was also accused of fear of a bear. 

And finally, the last mysterious case with the sheep is happening right now in Norway. Shepherds from the province of East Aghder have already reported several mysterious disappearances of sheep, and not at all similar to the usual theft. The sheep seemed to dissolve in the air. Nowhere were there any traces of interference by outsiders, no scraps of wool, no traces of blood, no footprints, and all hedges and fences looked undamaged. Kare Blalid, the leader of the local farmers' association of sheep breeders, told NRK in an interview that strange animal disappearances are very disturbing to farmers, as all this looks very unusual. Their only hope is for the police to help sort out what happened. Local farmers are not accustomed to theft, but these cases stand apart.
The only hitch is police related incidents in 2013. Then in the province of East Agder, several sheep with fish hooks were found in wool, which is not clear where they came from, since sheep herds do not go near the shore of the sea. Then it was considered that thieves were throwing hooks into sheep to "hook them" and somehow pull them off the field, since that year several animals were also lost without a trace.


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