Astronaut NASA: "To study the planets discovered mankind needs a serious technological breakthrough"

Leroy Chiao, a former American astronaut and researcher NASA: We need a major breakthrough in vehicles. (Planets are away from us) 40 light-years. This distance light travels in 40 years.

So, even if we send to the probe can be moved with the speed of light, the path to these planets will leave 40 years. And the radio signal that the probe will send back to Earth will also go 40 years.

Thus, we will have to wait 80 years before we get any data, and it is given that we travel at the speed of light, which is of course we can not. Thus, within a reasonable time to send a spacecraft to the discovery of the planet, we need a technological breakthrough.

Star - even the star that is 40 light years from us - still quite far. The space telescope "Hubble" and other telescopes, of course, allow you to observe (starry sky) at much longer distances, but the sky is big.

So the search for tools that can detect (such objects), and the right direction of observation, so that you can see the planet will take time. To find them, you can, if you watch enough minor changes of light emanating from the stars, to whom goes the planet. Thus, in order to extract the data to understand what you're dealing with, and to make a statement of this kind, you need to be sure of his discovery.



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