wereworlf stories that you will believe in!

Claudia Gaillard, Burgundian werewolf.

Claudia was one of hundreds of accidents, put on trial a witch hunter Henry Boge. According to eyewitnesses, she was seen in the bushes during the transformation into a wolf. The woman was subjected to various tortures, but no one has ever seen her utter a single tear.

Werewolves of Benandanti.

This incident occurred in 1692 to the east of the Baltic Sea. The involvement of an old man named Tisza to werewolves was discovered by chance during the consideration of another case. Tis, among other villagers, was supposed to give testimony and some of them in slip mentioned his ability to turn into a wolf. When the judges allocated a separate case for lycanthropy, Tis readily testified. He explained that three times a year he, along with other werewolves, descended into hell, in order to wrest from there the harvest that sorcerers and witches take from there. And even pointed out the entrance to hell. As a measure of punishment he was showered with ten lashes for idolatry and released.

Michel Verdun, a werewolf from Poligny.

In 1521, Jean Boyne, the inquisitor from Besançon, accused Filibert Montaux, Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun of concluding deals with the devil and lycanthropy. This trio came under suspicion when the traveler, passing through the locality where they lived, was attacked by a wolf. Defending himself, he wounded the animal and made him retreat. After this skirmish, the man came across the hut, where he found Michel Verdun and his wife washing his wounds. The man immediately reported on what the authorities saw. Verdena was captured, under torture, he confessed that he was a werewolf, and also issued two accomplices.

Gilles Garnier.

Was caught by a group of peasants at a time when in the forest under the guise of a shaggy monster attacked the boy for 10 years. According to Gil's further confessions, he often killed and ate children in a wolfish guise. He was accused of lycanthropy and witchcraft and burned alive.

Klein-Krams werewolf.

In ancient times, around the settlement of Klein-Krams there was a huge wolf, which for a long time could not kill the local hunters. The beast often played with them, allowing for a shot distance, and then disappearing. On suspicion of local residents, the werewolf was a small boy who turned into a wolf when his parents were not at home.

Werewolf from Chalon.

This werewolf is one of the most creepy werewolves in history, he is also known as Demon Taylor. In 1958, Taylor was charged with a so shocking murder that the court decided after the closure of the case to destroy all documents about him. Usually he lured children into his store, raped and then cut his throat. They cut their bodies into small pieces. At dusk, he liked to wander like a wolf and attack passers-by, tearing at their throats. Later, in its basements were found barrels full of bleached bones and other horrors.

 The Ansbach Werewolf.

In 1685 in the Bavarian town of Ansbach the population was terrorized by a huge wolf. There were rumors that in fact it was a werewolf. Rumors added the plausibility of the disappearance of the mayor of the city. After the wolf all the same caught, the local residents took off his skin and made of it a stuffed mayor.

Michael Verdung

In 1521, a traveler, passing through the French border town of Poligny, was attacked by wolf. Fighting off the distraught beast, the man inflicted several wounds on the predator with his sword.  The wolf began to retreat to the den. The pursuing traveler went to the hut of a certain Michael Verdung at the very moment when the owner of the house of his wife bandaged the wounds inflicted by the sword.Verdung was arrested on charges of werewolves and taken to the city. Naturally, under torture, the detainee could not remain silent for a long time. He admitted that he rubbed the body with a special ointment, with which he turned into a beast, and then hunted people. Cannibal was burned at the stake after the trial.

The werewolf of Pavia.

In 1541, an Italian farmer was accused of attacking people in wolf form. After the man was caught, he declared that he considered himself a werewolf, the only thing that distinguishes him from wolves is that his hair grows inside, not outside. During the trial, to prove his words, the judges decided to cut off his leg. The unfortunate later died of blood loss.

Jean Grenier.

Jean Grenier was the son of a poor day laborer from the village in the parish of San Antuan de Piso. Jean was a strange fourteen-year-old teenager, he liked to frighten local girls and young children, claiming that he was a werewolf, that in the fields near his house the devil appeared to him in the form of a mysterious stranger and gave him a magic balm and a wolf hide cloak that could turn Him in the wolf for one hour on certain days of the week, always at night, that he killed several young children, and their blood seemed to him much sweeter than the dog - although he never said exactly who those victims were to him. Local residents took everything seriously and Jean was brought to trial. To everyone's surprise, he confessed everything, with almost obscene bragging about some more cases of his werewolves.

Werewolves of  Greifswald

According to old records, dated 1640, the city of Greifswald was at that time awash with werewolves. Their number was so great that any person who left the house in the dark was in danger of being attacked. A group of students decided to stop this mess and melted all the silver that was found in the houses, cleared the neighborhood.

Madame Sanrosch

At the end of the 16th century, a wealthy gentleman named Sanroche lived in Auvergne. One afternoon in the early autumn of 1580, Sanrose sat by the window, when a servant entered came in, that Monsieur Ferol had come. Ferol was known in the area as a hunter and fisherman. Ferol went in to invite a friend to track down the deer. Sanrosh with regret rejected the invitation - he was waiting for his lawyer, who was about to go on business. Ferol went alone.  Urgent matters were not foreseen for Sanrosh, and he decided to meet his friend. When they met in a narrow valley between two slopes, the landowner saw that Ferol's dress was torn and covered with mud and stains, similar to blood. The king told Sanroch about the startling incident he had experienced in the forest.  Urgent matters were not foreseen for Sanrosh, and he decided to meet his friend. When they met in a narrow valley between two slopes, the landowner saw that Ferol's dress was torn and covered with mud and stains, similar to blood. The king told Sanroch about the startling incident he had experienced in the forest.  The hunter had to walk around the forest for a long time before he saw a group of deer not far off. Get close to them closer to make a shot, he did not succeed. In the end, pursuing them, he went into the thicket and felt that it would take a long time for the return journey.  Turning home, Ferol suddenly heard an eerie growl, heard from a damp, fern-overgrown ravine. Slowly backing away and not taking his eyes off the place, the hunter, step by step, overcame about fifty meters, when a huge wolf jumped out of the ravine and rushed straight at him.  Ferol prepared for the shot, but stumbled - his boot fell under the root - and the shot did not hit the target. The wolf with a wild roar jumped on the hunter, trying to cling to his throat. Ferol had a good reaction - he hit the beast with the butt, and he fell to the ground. Almost immediately the wolf jumped up again. Ferol managed to snatch the hunting knife and bravely stepped forward to meet the jumping beast. They met in a deadly battle. But the second respite and experience helped the hunter, he managed to wind the cloak on his left hand and put it in the mouth of the beast.  While he vainly tried to reach his hand with his sharp fangs, Ferol struck with daggers, trying to cut the animal's throat. The hunting dagger of Ferol with a wide blade as sharp as a razor, with a huge grip, was almost as heavy as a small hatchet. The man and beast fell to the ground and in a furious duel they rolled on the leaves. At some point they were at the fallen tree, and the paw of the beast, who was fiercely looking at the hunter with bloodshot eyes, caught on to the clumsy trunk.  At the same moment, Ferol hit her with a knife and cut the flesh, tendons and bone with a sharp blade. The wolf howled eerily and sadly, and, escaping from the embrace of the hunter, limping, ran away.  Friends slowly walked and finally entered the garden of Sanroche. Ferol pointed to his sack. "I took the paw of the beast with me," he said, "so you can make sure of the truthfulness of my story."  He leaned over the sack, standing with his back to his friend, so that Sanroche could not immediately see what he was pulling. With a gasp, the hunter dropped something on the grass. He turned, and Sanrose was struck by his deathly pallor.  "I do not understand anything," Ferol whispered, "because it was a wolf's paw!" .  Sanrosh bent down, and horror also seized him: on the grass lay a freshly-chopped hand. His horror grew worse when he noticed several finger rings on the dead fine fingers. One of them, artfully made in the form of a spiral and adorned with blue topaz, he recognized. It was his wife's ring.  Entering the bedroom of his wife, Sanrose found her lying in bed in a semi-conscious state. She was deadly pale. The sheets showed blood. The doctor called, and he was able to save the life of Madame Sanrosch by the elaborate treatment of the wound: the hand of her hand was severed.


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