Mothman  is a creature, an American urban legend, presumably repeatedly observed in Point Pleasant (West Virginia) in the 1960s. The first newspaper publication of November 16, 1966 was entitled "The couple saw a bird ... or a creature ... or something the size of a man".

Based on multiple readings, you can create the appearance of Mothman. The growth is about 2 meters, wider than the person, with a cylindrical torso. There is no head itself. Dark skin, covered with wool. On the shoulders of wings like a bat with a swing of up to 3.5 m, slapping during the flight. Legs like human, has no hands.

November 12, 1966, five people who dug a grave in the cemetery near Klendenin (West Virginia), claimed to have seen a flying humanoid figure. November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Skarsbury and Steve and Mary Mallet told the police that they saw a large white creature with glowing red eyes. Reports of the male moth were over after the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967, which gave rise to a legend about the connection between the creature and the collapse of the bridge.

November 20, 2016 from the city of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA, received another message about a man-moth or "motman," as it is called by local residents.

photo made november 20,2017 in Point Plesant

The television station, which covers the areas of Charleston and Huntington, presented photos of a man who was heading for Point Pleasant on Highway 2 and saw a strange creature jumping from tree to tree.

April 7, 2017, a mysterious creature with red eyes, similar to the famous monster from Point Pleasant nicknamed the Man-Moth, met Manuel Navarett, who lives in the Lincoln Park area in northern Chicago. She went out with her dog.

However, on the way to Oz Park, at the crossroads of Birling Street and Webster Avenue, the dog began to behave very strangely. An animal that has always fled to the park with joy, unexpectedly balked and did not want to cross the street.

She say : "I saw a large man standing on the ground more than 2 meters tall. He was all in black, and he had something that distinguished him from the others, a large pair of wings that were folded behind him. The wings protruded above the man's head, but I did not see his face, as he stood, turning away from me and probably did not notice me at once. At last he turned, and I saw a bright ruby-red eye, which glowed as if from the inside. He looked at me for about 15 seconds, but it seemed to me that it was an eternity. And then the wings dissolved with a whistle, a loud screech sounded, and he soared into the air. His wings looked almost like a bat, from the tip to the tip was about 3 meters - such a horror the woman has never experienced. "I felt that he saw through me, knew what I was thinking, as if he was looking straight at me. It was the most terrible thing I've ever experienced. I do not want you to think that I'm crazy. I'm an ordinary person. But what I saw was real. I do not want advertisements, I just want to tell my story and warn those who run or walk in Oz Park, "it took the woman a few days to calm down, get courage and talk about her terrible story." 

statue of mothman in Point Plesant

April 15, 2017 a few guys in the city Damen saw a  mothman. One of them says : "I arrived at 2 am to work at the International Food Center. On the way from the parking lot, I saw five guys looking at the sky. I also looked up and saw a huge owl on the roof of the house. He stood there for a minute or two and looked at us. I felt uneasy, and then the guys started throwing stones at him, and he flew up into the sky and disappeared. There was a sound like a squeal of brakes from a truck, and a clap of its big wings, like an owl's. I do not want to discuss this and would prefer not to give my name, "the eyewitness said. - I do not think that someone will believe me. One of the guys with whom I work and who also saw this "bird" said that he felt like a frightened child, and was delighted when someone threw a stone at her, so that she flew away. "

Two Chicago residents, having gone 27 April 2017 on a fishing trip to the shore Calumet rivers, met with flying black being, often referred to as Mothman. Father and son chose a place for fishing in front of Hagwish Park, where the last time several good catfishes were caught. This place is located next to the railway overpass, which runs from east to west near 130th Street.

They says: "It was about half past eight in the evening, and we were already packing our fishing rods, when we heard a sound similar to the squeal of the brakes of a train. But the problem was that no train was visible. A strange sound was heard again, and they saw that something black was flying to the trees on the left side of the river from their left. At first we thought it was a big bird, but it looked too big. A minute later we heard this sound again, and this thing flew right under the overpass and headed down the river, "the flying creature, according to eyewitnesses, was completely different from the birds they had ever seen. This creature flew past us in a few seconds, and we could not examine it in more detail. It seemed to us that it flew straight out of hell. We stood and watched it fly away. I was just stunned, but then my son said that he read about the giant bats that have been seen several times in Chicago recently. We are deside just to run away. I am sorry that I can not give you more detailed information about this entity, but, frankly, I am grateful to the fate that we were away from it at a sufficient distance ". 

This year was noticed atleat 6 situation where people closely see him.


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